The original Clough farm was developed in the late 1800s.

The main farm that Clough Pecans farms today was developed in 1904 by Andy Clough’s grandfather.

When asked why he decided to get into the business of growing and harvesting pecans, Andy Clough said, “Pecans are in the blood. They are part of our heritage. I really enjoy growing pecan trees. I enjoy seeing the trees grow and produce each year.”

Growing up on the family farm, Andy left during college, traveled and pursued additional interests. After the passing of his father, he returned to run the family business. Since that time, the pecan operation has grown by well over 10-fold.

Through the development of new varieties of pecans, state-of-the-art equipment and good management, the Cloughs stayed on the cutting edge of growing techniques and improving production. They have done agriculture consulting for the University of Georgia and the University of Auburn on all aspects of pecan production. They have been in research and development for many years to help improve the industry and marketing of pecans.

“Our mission is to produce the best; the absolute most premium pecans for the consumer,” Andy said.

Andy’s son, Chris Clough, serves on the of the board of the Georgia Pecan Growers Association.

“We are part of the pecan growers’ culture. We know it and we understand it,” said Andy Clough.

Andy Clough was known worldwide among his peers throughout the industry. He developed four of his own varieties of pecans, including two patented varieties, the ‘Excel’ and the ‘Eclipse.’ Delegations from around the world have traveled to the Clough farm to glean from the expert knowledge of the Cloughs. In 2016, Andy won a lifetime achievement award from the Georgia Pecan Growers Association. That same year he was also honored with the title of “Farmer of the Year.”

We lost Andy in May 2023. His passing reminds us of what one man can accomplish when he puts his whole heart into it. Gifts are being accepted for the Andy Clough Memorial Scholarship Fund, which supports Blackshear’s Future Farmers of America who plan a career in agriculture. His legacy of giving back to growers everywhere continues.

The entire pecan industry has been changed worldwide by the sought-after Clough patented ‘Excel’ and ‘Eclipse’ varieties that Andy Clough developed.