We buy, sell and crack pecans.


Whether you have one tree or a thousand trees, Clough Pecan Company will buy your nuts, from a grocery bag full to a truckload. We buy all types of pecans. Make sure to pick up the pecans from around your tree(s) as soon as possible after they’ve dropped so they are not spoiled by wet weather or eaten by wildlife.


Clough Pecan Company takes pride in providing the freshest and best quality pecans, whether for personal consumption (that pie you’re planning to take to the family reunion), or for prepared foods in a bakery or restaurant. Visit the Clough Pecan Company farm store for retail purchases of pecans by the bag, in-shell, farm shelled, or completely shelled, or order online by clicking here. For wholesale orders of pecans in bulk, please call us at 912-449-4585.

Cracking and Farm Shelling

Save time and effort by letting Clough Pecan Company crack the outer shell of your pecans . Bring your pecans in any amount to the farm store at 3417 U. S. Hwy. 84 W., Blackshear, GA 31516 and let our machines do the work for you.