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We’re nuts for everything pecan.

For five generations, the pecan orchards at Clough Pecan Company have produced some of South Georgia’s premium pecans. We take great pride in the quality of our products, as we sell our pecans in-shell, shelled, or farm-shelled. Clough‘s fresh-from-the-farm pecans are not only nutritious and delicious, they also make great gifts!



In Shell

(Several varieties, Call for Selection) Raw pecans, harvested but not cracked, shelled or blown. Gather your gang for a cracking and shelling party. A great way to show the younguns their food in its raw state.  3 lbs, 5 lbs, & 10 lbs



Cracked Only

If you enjoy shelling your own pecans but find them tough to crack, order yours already cracked.    5 lbs  & 10 lbs


Shelled Pecans

w/Some Pieces

Pecans have been cracked, shelled and passed through the air blower to remove the shell and small bits. 1 lb. sealed bags.


Farm-Shelled Pecans

Cracked & Blown

Pecans have been cracked and blown, leaving only a small amount of shell.         3 lbs & 5lbs.

No in-shell pecans, cracked pecans or farmed shelled pecans can be shipped to Arizona, California, or New Mexico
as no nuts with shells are allowed in shipment to these states. However, shelled pecans can be shipped to these states.

Pecan Oil

Pumpkin Oil

Oliver Farm

Oliver Farm Pumpkin Oil is packed with vitamins and nutrients. While not suitable for high temperature cooking, it has many varied uses, including in salad dressings. Great with seasonal fruits and served over vanilla ice cream.  8oz.


Kinloch Plantation

Oliver Farm

Pure cold-pressed pecan oil that has a mild flavor that allows it to blend well with any recipe and has 30 percent less saturated fat than olive oil. 100ml-1000ml.



Pecan Flour

Pecans & Other Candies


Texas Nut Sheller

The Texan Nut Sheller enables you to crack most nuts with ease through the simple application of pressure without the need for a great deal of power.



Take all the work out of enjoying a delicious treat when you use this dependable, durable nutcracker made of steel and hardwood. The design adjusts to fit a wide range of nuts.